# Codebase Overview

The core concepts behind Directus are simple, however the problems that must be solved to honor them can be remarkably complex. We strive to design and engineer the most elegant solutions possible, so that our codebase remains accessible.

# Node Monorepo

The primary Directus repository is located at directus/directus (opens new window) and houses the Admin App (Vue.js 2 w/ Composition API), API (Node.js), project documentation (Markdown), API Specification (OpenAPI), and other smaller packages used internally. Directus follows a monorepo design similar to React or Babel — this page will outline our monorepo's design and structure.

# /api

Contains the Directus API (REST+GraphQL), written in node.js.

# /api/dist — Does this look OK as a heading? Or should it be a description.

# /api/extensions

# /api/src

# /api/uploads

# /app

Contains the Directus Admin App, written in Vue.js 3.

# /docs

Contains all the platform's documentation, written in markdown with additional VuePress formatting.

# /packages


# /

The root of the project contains the following noteworthy files.

  • .editorconfig — TK
  • code_of_conduct.md — TK