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Sponsorship & Advocacy

Directus requires significant resources to build and maintain, especially as our community rapidly grows. If you'd like to help keep development active, please consider supporting Directus through sponsorship or advocacy.


If you would like to help ensure Directus stays free, please consider providing financial support through GitHub Sponsors for as little as $1/month.

There's a range of perks available, including access to an exclusive Discord channel.

As a point of principle, we don't provide timelines for upcoming features or bug fixes. However, if you require specific work in a known time, Commissioned Features and Expedited Fixes are great ways to financially support the development of Directus and improve the codebase for the community and for your project!


GitHub Stars

As an open-source project, stars are a primary metric by which we measure our success. It only takes a few seconds to head to the Directus GitHub Repo and click the star. With enough activity in a short period of time, we get even more exposure on GitHub's trending page!

Social Posts

Engage with us on social media. Follow us! A quick post mentioning @directus goes a long way! Plus, we re-tweet the team's favorite shout-outs to our followers.


One sentence. Even that was a sentence and it was only two words! If you're a fan of Directus, we'd love to hear why with a short endorsement... More importantly, potential new users need to hear your testimonial to see if the product is right for them! You can leave a short written or video testimonial here.


The following popular rating platforms allow you to post your rating and testimonial publicly, which automatically gives it more exposure.