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Interfaces are how users interact with fields on the Item Detail page. These are the standard Presentation interfaces.


A horizontal divider between two form fields

A horizontal divider to separate fields into different sections.

  • Title: Enter a title, or leave blank to only show the divider line.
  • Color: Color of the divider.
  • Icon: Icon to display.
  • Inline Title: Show title inside the divider line or above the line.

A group of two buttons. One primary button. One default button.

A form for creating new Button Links. Form has four fields: "Label", "Icon", "Type", "URL"

Group of one or more buttons that link to a preset or dynamic url.

  • Links: The group of button links.
    • Label: Label for the button.
    • Icon: Icon displayed beside the button label.
    • Type: Primary, Normal, Info, Success, Warning, Danger
    • URL: URL to send the user to when the button is clicked. You can use field values from the Item to create the URL dynamically.


A standard warning notice in yellow with a hazard icon.

An alert or notice interface to notify users of important information.

  • Color: Primary, Normal, Info, Success, Warning, Danger
  • Icon: Icon to display in the Notice.
  • Text: Enter your notice content. You can also use Translation Strings here to provide notices in different languages.