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Heya! Welcome to Directus, and thank you for taking the time to contribute back to our project! ❤️

There are many ways in which you can contribute, but before you do, please make sure you're aware of the Code of Conduct. Our contributors and maintainers work extremely hard to maintain Directus as premium open-source software. Please be respectful of those efforts throughout our ecosystem. Trolling, harassing, insulting, or other unacceptable behavior by participants will not be tolerated.


Code of Conduct

We expect all of our contributors to know and follow this code.

Code Contributions

Check out our docs providing an overview to the codebase, how to run Directus locally for development, and how to write and run tests.

Create a Pull Request

The whole Directus project is open source, and community code contributions are always welcome! Fixing issues or implementing new features is an excellent way to contribute back to the platform.

Please do make sure you read through our Pull Request Process before you start! That ensures you have the highest likelihood that your contribution will make it to the core codebase.

Community Contributions

We love all kinds of community contributions, including making our online spaces as respectful and productive as possible, running in-person user groups throughout the world, or producing educational material to support developers in understanding and implementing Directus.

Sponsorship & Advocacy

Directus requires significant resources to build and maintain, especially as our community rapidly grows. You can support the project by becoming a GitHub Sponsor, by providing testimonials and reviews, and by sharing Directus with others.

Other Ways To Support Directus

Request a New Feature

If you have a great idea for an improvement of the platform, or any other feedback, please make sure to open a new discussion on our GitHub Discussions board. Feature requests are reviewed and triaged according to our feature request workflow. For more information, please see our process for handling feature requests.

Report a Bug

If you happen to run into a bug, please post an issue on our main GitHub Issue board.

Please be as detailed as you can in the bug report. The more information available, the easier it is for other contributors to help you find a solution. For example, it might be worth adding a schema snapshot file or a database dump.

Report Security Vulnerability

If you believe you have discovered a security vulnerability within a Directus product or service, please reach out to us directly over email: We will then open a GitHub Security Advisory for tracking the fix.

We value the members of the independent security research community who uncover issues and work with our core team to release patches. Our policy is to credit all researchers in the fix's release notes. In order to receive credit, security researchers must follow responsible disclosure practices, including:

  • They do not publish the vulnerability prior to the Directus team releasing a fix for it
  • They do not divulge exact details of the issue, for example exploits or proof-of-concepts

Translate the App

Every button, element, and other piece of text in the app is fully translatable, providing full internationalization for the Directus platform. Our Crowdin integration makes creating and updating translations a breeze. Lear more about how we implement community translations into Directus.