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Community Contributions

What makes Directus so special is our amazing community, which takes all of us to maintain and grow. All members of our community, regardless of role, must abide by our Code of Conduct.


We want everyone to be as successful as possible in understanding what Directus is, the key concepts, how it relates to their problem, and how to successfully implement it.


If you spot small errors or inconsistencies with our documentation, please feel free to open a Pull Request and label it Documentation. Each page in the docs has an edit button at the bottom that will take you directly to an editing interface in GitHub.

If you want to contribute guides, or create new documentation, please first open an issue on GitHub and wait for response from the Core team - we are selective about what makes it into docs, but will have other ways to contribute content in the future.

Online Community

Our online community meets in two places - Discord and GitHub. GitHub is used for discussing feature requests and bugs, and Discord is used for community discussion and requests for implementation help.

The Directus community is growing quickly, which also means there are more and more people with questions. Helping out your fellow developers by providing answers on Discord is a great way to help the project. Questions are opened in one of our help channels, and all are encouraged to respond.

Feature Requests & Code Contributions

To learn more about how we use GitHub for Feature Requests and Code Contributions, check out our Code Contributions guide.


As well as the Core Team, we have a set of community moderators who support us in creating a kind and well-organized community. The role of a moderator is to:

  • Remove spam and other content that breaks our server rules.
  • Remove server members who consistently break rules, or break certain rules where there is zero-tolerance.
  • Move questions to help channels when posted elsewhere.
  • Be model community members.

This is an elevated role that is generally given at discretion of the Core Team. If this is of interest to you, please reach out to a member of the team.

In-Person Communities

We have a truly global user base, and run a number of regional User Groups and events to bring together local Directus developers and users.

If you are interested in setting up your own, please reach out to a member of the core team. We can always start with a one-off to gauge local interest.