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Request a Feature

If you have a great idea for an improvement of the platform, or any other feedback, please make sure to open a new Discussion on our GitHub Discussions board.

Opening a New Feature Request

New feature requests can be opened under the Feature Requests section of GitHub Discussions. Feature Requests follow a Request-for-Comment (RFC) format that allows anybody to fully understand what you're proposing, and help speed up the review and triaging process.

While the form might seem intimidating at first, please do fill out all sections with as much detail as possible. The less ambiguity around how a feature should work, the easier it is to review, triage, and develop a feature.

Review Process

Once a feature request gets 15 or more upvotes, it will be moved to the "Under Review" status at which point the Directus Core team will review it, and decide if it will be approved, denied, or if changes are required. If the feature request is accepted, it will be moved to the "Approved Requests" status, at which point the feature is ready to be implemented.

However, if a feature request doesn't reach at least 15 upvotes within 3 months of it being created, it will be closed due to a lack of community interest.

Implementing Accepted Feature Requests

It's important to note that Accepted Feature Requests are not an ordered list of things that will be worked on next. Even though we strive to prioritize what's being worked on based on community feedback, it's likely that there will be times when a feature request is blocked by something else that's prioritized by the team. The implementation of accepted feature request is triaged based on a combination of popularity, team availability, timelines, scope of the feature, and overall project goals.