# Collection Presets

Presets store the state of a Collection Detail page. They can be used to set layout defaults or define bookmarks to specific datasets. Learn more about Presets.

# Creating a Preset

  1. Navigate to Settings chevron_right Presets & Bookmarks
  2. Click add in the header
  3. Complete the other preset form fields outlined below
  • Collection — The collection of this preset; supports any project collection, Directus Files, or Directus Users
  • Scope — The users that will have access to this preset, either Global, a specific Role, or an individual User
  • Layout — The collection detail's layout this preset applies to
  • Name — If left blank, this preset will act as a Default for the collection/layout; if given a name, it will be shown as a bookmark

After you have completed the form, the layout preview will be populated with live data. You can now tailor the layout as desired by updating the preview or the filter component in the page sidebar.

Each preset saves all of the information needed to recreate a view of the collection/layout, including:

  • Collection — The collection of the preset
  • Layout — The Layout the preset applies to
  • Layout Query — Order direction, order field, pagination, etc
  • Layout Options — The configuration of all layout options
  • Search — Any full-text search query applied
  • Filters — Any advanced filters applied
  • User — Optional; scopes to a specific user
  • Role — Optional; scopes to a specific role
  • Bookmark Name — Optional; determines if the preset is a bookmark

Defaults vs Bookmarks

It's important to be aware of the difference between a collection's defaults and its bookmarks, both of which are configured by presets. A default is how a user will initially view the collection detail without any further customization, while a bookmark is a named dataset that can be recalled at any point via the navigation bar.

System Defaults

You can also adjust the defaults and bookmarks for the Directus Activity, Directus Files, and Directus Users collections.

Order of Defaults

Multiple defaults can be configured for a user, either for different layouts of even the same layout. In this case, the preset priority is: User, then Role, then Global.

# Deleting a Preset

  1. Navigate to Settings chevron_right Presets & Bookmarks chevron_right [Preset]
  2. Click delete in the header
  3. Confirm this decision by clicking Delete in the dialog

Irreversible Change

This action is permanent and can not be undone. Please proceed with caution.