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Hello, World!

Published August 2nd, 2023

Written By
Kevin Lewis
Kevin Lewis
Director, Developer Relations

As the lead of our Developer Relations team here at Directus, I thought, what better way to kick off our Developer Blog than with a classic "Hello, World!"

Here you'll find regular posts from the Directus core team and community members with step-by-step tutorials to build projects, little tips & tricks to get the most out of Directus, and anything else we think you'll find interesting.

We hope this space provides the chance for us to try out new technologies and bring you along on the journey, to show you some cool projects you may not realize can be build with Directus, and to highlight community contributions. While the guides in our docs contain authoritative and maintained documents, we're thinking of our blog a little like a playground where we can do even more.

Introducing the Directus Guest Author Program ​

We believe that every community member has unique experiences, insights, and projects to share. We want to highlight your work — we’ll support you in creating a great concept and writing the best piece possible, then we’ll distribute the work to our user and developer communities. Best part? We'll pay you to take part in the program.

Learn more about the Guest Author Program.

What's Next? ​

We've been hard at work over the last year improving our developer education material. While there's still lots of work to do, the new developer blog will provide us a place to create content more rapidly to support our users.

As always, feel free to drop by our Discord server if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for us.

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