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Apply To Be A Guest Author

Become a Directus Guest Author and get paid to write about your favorite tech topics that leverage our platform. We’ll support you in creating a great concept and writing the best piece possible, then we’ll distribute the work to our user and developer communities.


Apply now!

All you need to apply is an idea for a topic.

How Does It Work?

This process ensures that we work with you to create the best possible content, while also ensuring that the content fits within our publication guidelines.

  1. Submit an idea for an original piece of written content by opening an issue.
  2. Collaborate with our team to finalize the idea in the issue until the overall content and structure is approved.
  3. Take some time to read our writing guidelines.
  4. Fork this repo, create a new directory for your post based on the template, and submit a PR when the first draft is done.
  5. Review the draft with our team.
  6. Revise the content based on feedback in the PR.
  7. Once complete, we will publish the final version on our developer blog and get pay you up to $500.

What Ideas Are Accepted?

We may change the scope over time, but for now, we are interested in:

  • Tutorials that use Directus such as “Build A Budgeting Application With Directus”.
  • Examples of applications using Directus with various environments and frameworks such as “Build an iOS App With Directus”.
  • Tutorials that extend default functionality, such as “Creating An Extension To Send Stripe Invoices”.
  • Advanced-level tutorials explaining how to use one or more Directus features.

Some additional guidelines you must follow when creating ideas to apply with:

  • Posts must use code, unless you're using our Directus Flows automation feature.
  • Posts must be original. This means a new and unique topic that has not been published elsewhere.
  • Posts must not be generated with AI services or models - we expect you to author them from beginning to end.


How much will I get paid?

We have three tiers of content payment, dependent on the time and effort required - $200, $350, and $500. The value is agreed upon before any writing happens and is at the discretion of Directus. You must be able to generate an invoice at the end of authoring in order for us to pay you.

How long should posts be?

We’re flexible, and this is reflected in our multi-tier payment structure. Posts must be completed in one part (no multi-part series), and be over 1000 words.

How long does it take?

When accepting your post, we will set a deadline for a first draft. Once the draft is submitted, we seek to have a round of reviews completed and answered in a few days. We will publish it as part of the agreed month's content schedule.

Can I write a piece that promotes another product?

If you work for a company that makes the product, our relationship might be better served as a co-marketing effort. For the Guest Author program, we only work with individuals.

What natural languages can I write in?

We currently only accept contributions in English.

Can I post elsewhere?

Yes, but must include our post as the canonical source for the content.

Do you own my content?

You own your content, but you grant us an unlimited license to post and promote your content.

I’m under 18 - can I take part?

You must be aged 18 over to be a Directus Guest Author.


Apply now!

All you need to apply is an idea for a topic.