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Presets are items which store the state of a Collection Page. This allows you to set layout defaults or define bookmarks to specific datasets.

Before You Begin

We recommend you read through the Quickstart Guide to get an overview of the platform first, then see our guide on the Collection Page so you're familiar with its features and functionalities.

Learn More

To manage Presets and Bookmarks programmatically, see our API guide on Presets.

Remember, a Collection Page enables you to customize how its items are presented. That is, it lets you sort, search, or filter items and even change Layouts. In some cases, you may need to apply the same display adjustments again and again. Presets save these adjustments, like a snapshot. You can create presets for all project collections, as well as directus_activity, directus_files and directus_users.

Admins can access and manage all presets under Settings > Presets and Bookmarks.

Create a Preset

There are two types or presets, Defaults and Bookmarks.

A Default determines how a user will initially view a Collection Page. When a user makes adjustments to a given Collection Page, these are automatically saved as the Default, so the adjustments remain even if the user navigates away and then returns.

A Bookmark creates another custom display of the Collection Page, which can be accessed any time on the Navigation Bar. Users can also create a Bookmark for personal use from within the Content Module.

The method to create a preset shown here is for Admin use only. For Administrators, the process to create either a Default or a Bookmark is almost exactly the same. The key difference is that if you set a value for Name, the preset becomes a Bookmark. If Name is left blank, the preset will be a Default. To create a preset, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to Settings > Presets & Bookmarks.
  2. Click add in the header.
  3. Configure your preset item's values as desired:
    • Collection — Sets the collection this preset will apply to. Notice the layout preview below, which populates with live data from the selected collection.
    • Scope — Defines which users have access to this preset.
    • Layout — Selects a Layout for the preset, which is adjusted from the Sidebar.
    • Name — Sets a name, which determines if the preset is a Default or Bookmark. Note that this field supports Translation Strings.
  4. Scroll down to the Layout Preview section and make any other adjustments or configurations as desired. Each preset saves all of the information needed to recreate this Layout Preview, just as it is shown.
  5. Click check to confirm.

Preset Priority

Multiple Defaults can be created for the same Collection Page for the same user. When this happens, the preset priority is: User, then Role, then Global.

Edit a Preset

  1. Navigate to Settings > Presets & Bookmarks > [preset].
  2. Reconfigure your preset as desired.
  3. Click check to confirm.

Delete a Preset

  1. Navigate to Settings > Presets & Bookmarks > [preset].
  2. Click delete in the page header and a popup will appear. Click Confirm.

Irreversible Change

This action is permanent and cannot be undone. Please proceed with caution.