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Whether you're a hobbyist, startup or Fortune 500 enterprise, our flexible Cloud service lets you get up and running with Directus quickly. We do all the heavy lifting of managing your infrastructure and software updates - and you also benefit from fair and predictable usage-based pricing.

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Directus Cloud is a hosting platform for Directus Projects which handles data storage, hosting, updates and scalability so you can focus on building your digital apps and experiences. There are two tiers of Cloud Projects: Professional and Enterprise. Both tiers come with all the great features of Directus Core.

The Cloud Dashboard is constructed to manage three key components: Accounts, Teams and Projects. First, create an Account. Once logged in, create or join a Team, and your Account will become a Member of that Team. Once that's complete, you can create Projects within a Team.

Accounts can be Members on multiple Teams. All Team Members have SuperAdmin privileges to manage the Team's Projects, Project billing, other Team Members and the Team itself. Teams can have multiple Team Members and multiple Projects. Projects can only be managed by one Team and cannot be transferred to new Teams.

Getting Started

To make life easy, you have the option to create and login to your free Cloud Account automatically with GitHub. If you don't have a GitHub account or prefer not to use this login method, email-and-password login is available, as well. Once logged in, create a new Team or select an existing Team. Then you can access and manage the Team's associated Projects, billing details, Team Members, Activity and Settings.

Remember: The Dashboard layout itself is designed to manage Accounts, Teams and Projects. Here's how the Dashboard layout relates to each of these components:


Cloud Dashboard Header

  • check — View Directus Cloud system status.
  • notifications — Notifications such as version upgrades, platform upgrades, etc.
  • help_outline — Documentation, Community Support and Request for Premium Support.
  • expand_moreCreate new Teams and navigate between Teams you are on.
  • account_circleAccess, edit or destroy Account.


  • Team Members — View, invite and remove other Team Members or leave a Team.
  • Team Activity — View Team activity such as Project creation and deletion, billing information changes, Member invitations and removals, etc.
  • Team Settings — Edit the Team Name and Team Slug, as well as destroy a Team.


  • Team Projects — View and access all Projects managed within a Team. Click a Project to enter the Product Details Page and access, monitor, edit or delete a Project.
  • Team Billing — View and manage billing details such as credit card information, usage, subscriptions and receipts.