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Insights is a Module in Directus that allows rapid, no-code build-out of analytics dashboards. Regardless of your use-case (be it business intelligence, user progress tracking, web traffic conversions, or whatever!) you will be able to setup key data metrics in just a few clicks.

How it Works

First, create a Dashboard, then fill the Dashboard with Panels.

  1. Click the "Create Dashboard" action button add in the page header.
  2. Fill in the dashboard name, icon and note.
  3. Click "Save".
  4. Click the edit icon in the page header.
  5. Hit the "Create Panel" add in the page header.
  6. Select a Panel type. Learn More about panel types.
  7. Adjust the Panel Options to customize the analytics metric.
  8. Click check in the drawer header to create the panel.
  9. Click check in the page header to confirm all edits.

Dashboards Overview

Dashboard Grid Area

Each Directus Dashboard provides a drag-and-drop canvas where you can create and arrange different Panels to easily build out customized analytics. The Dashboard area automatically expands as you add more and more Panels. In theory, a Dashboard area can expand infinitely large... but in practice, users will probably only want to build Dashboards as large as the screen they will be viewing on. You are able to create as many Dashboards as you need. Additionally, the Dashboard view, edit, and create permissions are fully configurable by User Role.

Auto Refresh

The Auto Refresh menu in the Sidebar lets you select an interval to refresh dashboard data.

Create, Edit, and Delete Dashboards

How to Add, Edit and Delete Dashboards in Directus Insights

  1. Click the add icon in the page header to create a new Dashboard.
  2. Click the item option to edit or delete a Dashboard.