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Activity Log

This module provides a collective timeline of all data-changing actions taken within your project. These detailed records help you audit user activity and enforce accountability.

Before You Begin

We recommend you try the Quickstart Guide to get an overview of the platform.

Learn More

To manage the Activity Log programmatically, please see our guide on the Activity Log API.


The Activity Log is the only Module in Directus Core that is not found in the Module Bar. Instead, it is accessed via the notifications tray of the Sidebar. The Activity Log page has the same features and functionality as the Collection Page.

External Changes

The platform can only track the events which actually pass through it. Therefore, any changes made to the database directly are not tracked.


You can also view and revert the activity of specific items under Item Page > Sidebar > Revisions. To learn more, please see Revert an Item.

View an Activity Log Item

Activity Log Default Fields

Click any item in the Activity Log and a side drawer will open, displaying its logged details. The following information is stored for each item.

  • User — The user that performed the action.
  • Action — The specific action taken (e.g., Create, Update, Delete, Comment, or Login).
  • TimeStamp — The timestamp of when the action was performed.
  • IP Address — The IP address of the device from which the action was performed.
  • User Agent — The description of the browser that was used to perform the action.
  • Collection — The Collection affected by the action.
  • Item — The ID of the item affected.
  • Comment — The comment left by the user (when applicable).

Filter by Activity

In addition to the filter and display functionality inherited from the Collection Page, you can also filter items by activity from the Navigation Bar.

Modify an Activity

To ensure proper accountability, system collections are read only by design. However, users with an Admin role have the ability to reopen, view, and modify an item's values in activities from non-system collections (where the name does not begin with directus_). To view or modify an activity, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Activity Log page.
  2. Click the desired item. A drawer will open, displaying its activity log.
  3. Click launch to reopen the item page and make modifications as desired.
  4. In the page header, click check to confirm.

Once confirmed, any updates to an item will be logged as a new activity.