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Slugify Text With Flows

A simple recipe to slugify a string of text using the Run Script operation.

Author: Eron Powell

Directus Version: 9.18.1


In some cases, you may want to take text from a title or other source and slugify it. Here's how you can implement this in a flow. Keep in mind, slugification methods can get quite complex. This recipe is intended for basic, everyday English text.

The Recipe


You'll need a string somewhere in your data chain.

  1. Create a Run Script operation in your flow.
  2. Paste the following function into your Run Script operation.
module.exports = async function (data) {
	// Index data to get the string you want to slugify
	// Assign it to the "text" var below.
	const text = data.opKey.nested_value;

	const slug = text
		.replace(/[^\w\s-]/g, '')
		.replace(/[\s_-]+/g, '-')
		.replace(/^-+|-+$/g, '');

	return slug;

Final Tips

Remember, the returned value doesn't need to be a string. You can append any valid JSON onto the data chain. You could take in an array of strings, slugify all of them, push each to a new array, and append it onto the data chain... or whatever your use-case calls for!