# Translating the App

Directus is maintained by a global community of contributors who speak many different languages. For that reason, the App itself also supports multiple languages.

The Directus App has been translated into many different languages, and it's easy to add or improve the languages of your choice.

  1. Navigate to our translation service at: https://locales.directus.io (opens new window)
  2. Check if your desired language is listed
  3. Click the desired language
  4. Click the "Translate All" button in the header
  5. Log in to Crowdin, or register an account as needed
  6. Click on the strings to translate in the left sidebar
  7. Type translations, or select an ideal match from the list of recommendations
  8. Click "Save"

Missing Context

If a translation string is missing enough context to understand its usage, Crowdin allows you to request additional context.