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App Translations

The platform supports internationalization across the entire App. Many languages are currently supported, with more being added all the time. Anyone can add or refine any languages through the integration with Crowdin.


Our Crowdin page provides an external interface for managing all of the different language translations for the App. You can update and extend existing languages, or request a new language be added.

Working with Existing Languages

  1. Navigate to Crowdin
  2. Click on the desired language
  3. Click Translate All in the header
  4. Log in to Crowdin, or register an account as needed
  5. Select a source string using the left-hand navigation
  6. Add or edit the translation in the lower text area
  7. Click "SAVE" below the translation

It is important to keep the character length approximately the same as the source string (English) to avoid truncation or a drastically different wrapping. For example, some text translations will go in a smaller button with limited space for text and no ability to wrap.

Crowdin provides useful TM and MT suggestions, however you should always confirm that these are context appropriate, as they may not accurately map to the source meaning.

If you feel you do not have enough information on how this string is used, you can always ask for additional context using the "Comment" section.

Releasing New Translations

As soon as a translation is edited on Crowdin, a pull request is created by Crowdin in our repo, which contains the corresponding changes.

This pull request is usually merged into main before publishing a new release.

Translations on GitHub

Editing translations directly in the GitHub repo is not recommended, as these changes will be overwritten by Crowdin again (unless we do a manual sync).

Requesting a New Language

To add a new language to the Crowdin service, you can make a request via Crowdin's Discussions section, or reach out to a Core Team member via Discord.