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Tests ensure that the platform continues to work as intended when the existing codebase is modified.

The current test strategy for Directus consists of Blackbox Tests testing the overall functionality of the platform as well as Unit Tests testing individual parts of the codebase.

Running Tests

Running Unit Tests

Use the following command to perform unit tests in all packages:

pnpm --workspace-root test

Use one of the following commands to perform more specific actions with unit tests (mix and match as desired):

# Run tests for a specific package (for example only in the API / App package)
pnpm --filter api test
pnpm --filter app test

# Start tests in watch mode
pnpm --filter api test -- --watch

# Enable coverage report
pnpm --filter api test -- --coverage

# Run specific test files using a filter pattern
pnpm --filter api test -- app.test.ts
pnpm --filter api test -- utils

Relative Commands

If you are already in a directory of a specific package, you may omit the --filter flag in pnpm commands since the commands will be executed relative to the current directory.

# Run API tests, from within the "/api" directory
pnpm test

Running Blackbox Tests

Install Docker and ensure that the service is up and running.

Run the following commands to start the blackbox tests:

# Ensure that you are testing against the lastest state of the codebase
pnpm --workspace-root build

# Clean up in case you ran the tests before
pnpm --filter tests-blackbox exec docker compose down --volumes
# Start the containers required for the tests
pnpm --filter tests-blackbox exec docker compose up --detach --wait

# Run the tests
pnpm --workspace-root test:blackbox

Subsequent test runs can be issued with the following command, if only modifications to the blackbox tests themselves have been made:

pnpm --filter tests-blackbox test

Testing Specific Database Vendors

Provide a CSV of database vendors via the TEST_DB environment variable to target only a specific subset:

# Example targeting multiple vendors
TEST_DB=cockroachdb,postgres pnpm --workspace-root test:blackbox

# Example targeting a single vendor
TEST_DB=sqlite3 pnpm --workspace-root test:blackbox

Using an Existing Directus Instance

Normally, the test suite will spin up a fresh copy of the Directus API built from the current state of the codebase. To use an already running instance of Directus instead, enable the TEST_LOCAL flag:

TEST_DB=cockroachdb TEST_LOCAL=true pnpm --workspace-root test:blackbox

Note: The tests expect the instance running at localhost:8055. Make sure to connect the instance to the test database container found in the tests-blackbox/docker-compose.yml file.