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Interfaces are how users interact with fields on the Item Detail page. These are the standard Other interfaces.


Form text input. Value is "value to hash on save"

Form text input that shows the value is securely hashed.

Text input that allows users to hash the value on save. Both the API and SDK provide methods to verify the hash.

  • Types: Hash
  • Placeholder: Placeholder to display.
  • Masked: Hide the true values on input before save.


A standard form text input

Range input that allows users to select a number with an interactive slider.

  • Types: Integer, Decimal, Big Integer, Float
  • Minimum Value: Minimum value that can be set by the user.
  • Maximum Value: Maximum value that can be set by the user.
  • Step Interval: Specify the size of each increment (or step) of the slider control.
  • Always show value: Always display the numeric value to the user.