# Error Codes

Below is a listing of global error codes used within Directus, and what they mean.

Error Code HTTP Status Description
FAILED_VALIDATION 400 Validation for this particular item failed
FORBIDDEN 403 You are not allowed to do the current action
INVALID_CREDENTIALS 401 Username / password or access token is wrong
INVALID_IP 401 Your IP address isn't allow-listed to be used with this user
INVALID_OTP 401 Wrong OTP was provided
INVALID_PAYLOAD 400 Provided payload is invalid
INVALID_QUERY 400 The requested query parameters can not be used
REQUESTS_EXCEEDED 429 Hit the rate limit
ROUTE_NOT_FOUND 404 Endpoint does not exist
SERVICE_UNAVAILABLE 503 Could not use external service
UNPROCESSABLE_ENTITY 422 You tried doing something illegal


To prevent leaking which items exist, all actions for non-existing items will return a FORBIDDEN error.