Restricted to members of the administrator role, Settings is where you create the data model, choose interfaces, define permissions, and configure the Directus App and API.

Global Settings

These are settings that apply to the entire project environment. They are stored as key-value-pairs within directus_settings.

Key Description
project_name The title of the project
project_url The URL of the API's project
app_url URL of the Project's application
auto_sign_out The number of seconds until inactive users will be automatically logged out of the application. (auth token expiration)
default_limit Number of items per request
logo If you would like to use your own logo you can upload it here. 200px by 60px, PNG or SVG, with a white foreground and transparent background
sort_null_last Set the null values at last when sorting. Default 1.
file_naming Naming convention for uploaded files. uuid (default, universally unique identifier), id ( left-padded with 0), or the original name (sanitized: spaces become underscores, leading . becomes dot-, incremented as needed for uniqueness)
youtube_api_key Youtube API key used by to fetch video information when upload a youtube link
thumbnail_not_found_location This image will be used when trying to generate a thumbnail with invalid options or an error happens on the server trying to create the image)
thumbnail_dimensions Comma separate value of dimensions in [width]x[height] format
thumbnail_quality_tags Key-Value json string of qualities tagged with a name. Ex: {"best": 100}. Ranging from 0 to 100. 0 = Worst quality and smaller file size to 100 best quality biggest file size.
thumbnail_actions WIP; List options to perform different thumbnail generation actions.
thumbnail_cache_ttl Cache time to live in seconds. It sets HTTP max-age and Expires datetime. Default: 86400 seconds = 1 day
trusted_proxies Trusted proxies IP address. By default all are trusted
password_policy None: No restrictions; Weak: Minimum character length of 8; Strong: 1+ lowercase letter, 1+ uppercase letter, 1+ number, 1+ special character, minimum character length of 8


The uuid file naming uses UUID v5, and 6ba7b810-9dad-11d1-80b4-00c04fd430c8 as the namespace DNS. A constant value defined in ramsey/uuid package.

Data Model

This data is structured quite differently than other browse/detail pages. Learn more at: Global Settings Data Model

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