# Projects

Every installation of Directus creates a single project. If you're unfamiliar with Directus Projects, please start by reading our Platform Overview.

# Creating a Project

To install Directus, choose one of the following methods.

# Configuring a Project

All project configuration is handled by the .env file within the /api directory. This file accepts a number of environment variables, each is explained in the following reference:

# Upgrading a Project

  1. Backup your project
  2. Run npm update
  3. Run directus database migrate:latest to update the DB

# Backing-up a Project

  1. Make a copy of the files within each storage adapter, and store them in a safe place
  2. Make a copy of the Env file (/api/.env), and store it in a safe place
  3. Run the Backup API Endpoint (/backup) to create a SQL dump of your database

# Deleting a Project

  1. Optional: Backup any local files stored within the project's root directory
  2. Optional: Backup any custom code and extensions within the project's root directory
  3. Optional: Backup your entire database, only system tables, or only project tables
  4. Delete the project's root directory from the server
  5. Delete all Directus system tables (directus_*) from the database

Pure SQL

After completing this process, you will be left with a pure SQL database, with no trace that Directus was ever installed. Any external services connecting to your database's project tables directly (eg: SQL queries) should continue working normally.