# Migrating from v8

There are two ways to migrate from an existing Directus 8.X instance:

Be sure to check the Breaking changes if you are consuming the API from an application.

# Automated Script

We created a (community maintained) script, that will automatically copy over the schema, content, files, users, and roles from an existing v8 instance to a new v9 instance. This is the most hands-off approach to moving from a v8 to a v9 instance, and is the recommended way of migrating your v8 instance.


The script, and instructions on how to run it, can be found on the
directus-community/migration-tool (opens new window) repo.

This tool will copy over:

  • Schema (collections / fields)
  • Files (including file contents)
  • User data (eg all items in all collections)
  • Roles
  • Users

Due to significant differences in data structure between versions, this tool will NOT copy over:

  • Interface/display configurations
  • Permissions
  • Activity / revisions

# Manual Database Export/Import


We highly recommend using the automated migration tool mentioned above. If that's not possible, you can perform the following steps to migrate your v8 instance.

Directus v9 is a breaking change coming from v8 (hence the major version bump), so you won't be able to just use your existing v8 database and run v9 on top of it. However, due to the database-mirroring approach of Directus, it's fairly straightforward to migrate your content from v8 to v9.

# 1) Setup a Fresh v9 Instance

By installing Directus "fresh", you're ensured your system tables are up-to-date and ready to go.

# 2) Migrate your Data

Using a tool like Sequel Pro (opens new window) or TablePlus (opens new window), export your v8 user-tables and import them into your v9 database.

Directus v9 will automatically recognize your tables, and you'll be ready to get started in v9.

Note: If you have references to users and files, make sure to update them to the new UUID format.

# 3) Configure Directus

Once the tables are in, you can start configuring the details of the schema. This includes choosing the correct interfaces, displays, and their options for your fields.

This would also be a good time to reconfigure your permissions, to ensure they are accurate.

# Breaking changes

  • Filter operators have changed, now they are preceeded with an underscore eg: /items/users?filter[comments.thread.title][like]=Directus is now /items/users?filter[comments][thread][title][_like]=Directus