Interfaces determine how a field's value is presented or edited. For example, a boolean value might use a Toggle, Switch, Checkbox, Pill-Box, Icon, or even a Dropdown interface.

Choosing an Interface

To get started, go to Settings > Collections & Fields, choose the Collection you want to add the field to, then click "New Field". The first choice you'll make is what type of interface you want to use — which then determines/limits the subsequent setup options.

Field Types

Each interface works with one or more field types. For example, the Calendar interface works with the date type but not boolean. The Text Input is used as a fallback since it works with most field types.

Interface Options

Interfaces are highly customizable with options that allow you to tailor them to individual uses. These vary depending on interface complexity, with less-common options hidden within an "Advanced" accordion.

Custom Interfaces

If you need to tailor an interface to your specific needs, or want something completely different, you can create custom interface extensions. Learn more about that here.