# DigitalOcean App Platform

# 1. Setup a repo on GitHub

See the doc on installing Directus manually to learn how to configure this repo

# 2. Create a Managed Database instance

We recommend using Postgres 12. The exact size and need for a replica depends on your usage and project requirements.

# 3. Create a new App using your previously created repo

Make sure to select the database you created in step 2 during the configuration wizard.

# 4. Configure the environment variables

See Environment Variables for all available environment variables.

DigitalOcean requires you to use SSL connections to managed databases. DigitalOcean provides a bunch of aliases to often used database properties that can be injected when the database is a component of your app. To enable SSL connections, set the following environment variables:



Make sure to replace my-database-component-name with your actual database component name in the above env vars


For ease of configuration, you can rely on any of the other DigitalOcean provided aliases. See How to Use Environment Variables in App Platform (opens new window) for more information.