# Files

Directus includes a full-featured Digital Asset Management (DAM) system, complete with different Storage Adapters. Learn more about Files.

# Uploading a File

There are many ways that a file can be uploaded into Directus via the App. We'll cover the primary method below, but keep in mind that files can also be added directly through different interfaces.

  1. Navigate to the File Library
  2. Click on the "Create Item" (+ icon) button located in the header
  3. Upload the file by:
    • Dragging a file from your desktop to the modal
    • Click the modal area to manually select a file from your device
    • Clicking the "..." icon and choosing "Import from URL"

# Creating a Thumbnail Preset

  1. Navigate to Settings > Project Settings
  2. Scroll to the Storage Asset Presets field
  3. Click Add a New Item
  4. Enter a unique Key for the preset
  5. Enter the Fit, Width, Height, and Quality for the preset
  6. Click the Save action button in the header

# Downloading an Original File

TK (download button)

# Requesting a Thumbnail


# Editing Images

TK (image editor on file detail page?)