Use Cases

Directus is a simple, unopinionated tool that makes no assumptions about how it will be used. Sometimes that makes it difficult to


You might be managing simple text and images for a personal blog, massive amounts of syndicated content for a network of enterprise sites, or highly customized user account data for a complex webapp service; Directus has it covered.

Native Apps

Phone apps have similar needs to websites, but often need to receive content in a different format. Directus stores and delivers all content agnostically so that's not a problem.


Ever notice those kiosks at airports or restaurants? Flight information and menus are content too (sometimes called data) and it can all be managed in Directus.


From the small screens in the back of taxis to huge digital billboards towering over highways, the text, images, and videos on those displays is all content that needs to be managed. Directus can easily handle that.

Internet-of-Things (IoT) Devices

The internet-of-things is the umbrella term for all the world's connected "smart" devices. Refrigerators, washing machines, security cameras—even lights and thermostats. If it's considered a smart device then chances are it's sending or receiving data somewhere. Somewhere like Directus.


Smart watches, fitness trackers, and GPS bracelets all typically store data in the "Cloud" (a fancy word for the internet). Whether mapping your hike or tracking the number of steps taken along the way, each of those devices shares its data with a service like Directus.

Internal Tools

Perhaps you just need an internal productivity tool that doesn't connect anywhere. Project management software, to-do lists, inventory systems, time trackers, note taking, etc. Directus is a flexible alternative to spreadsheets and proprietary monthly services.

Combined Systems

Maybe your project includes several of the above platforms. Why setup, learn, and pay for multiple specific systems that can't share content with each other? Instead, manage all your content in one place, then simply connect it anywhere and everywhere. Now data for your customers, sales, payroll, scheduling, etc. all live together, which allows for very revealing connections to be made. Synergy!