# Backing Directus

Directus is both premium and free — two things that don't often go together. It takes significant resources to maintain the platform. If you'd like to help keep development active, please consider supporting Directus through one of the methods below.

# Financial Support

Talented full-time and part-time staff, infrastructure, and third-party services are just some of our organization's many expenses. Below are a few ways to help us keep the lights on and move towards a self-sufficient open-source core product.

# GitHub Sponsors

Monthly donations via GitHub Sponsors (opens new window) are the most reliable form of financial support. Donate to the organization, or directly to our core developers (opens new window)!

Commissioned Features and Expedited Fixes are great ways to financially support the development of Directus, and improve the codebase for the community.

# Merch

Our merchandise is a great way to support Directus — you get some swag, and we get some financial support and advertising. Simply make an appropriate financial donation through GitHub Sponsors (opens new window) (or contact us for bulk pricing), and once we coordinate sizing and shipping details, we'll get it shipped!

# Other Contributions

Below are several ways that anyone can help improve the Directus ecosystem. These are free alternatives for when financial support is not a possibility.

# Code Pull Requests

Squashing bugs, optimizing the codebase, increasing test coverage, and adding new features, are all extremely valuable. Not technical? We have plenty of documentation that can always use some extra attention. Learn more in our Contributors Guide.

# App Translations

Every translation of the App enables users in new languages to use our international platform. Our Crowdin integration (opens new window) makes polishing existing translations or creating new ones a breeze.

# Bug Reporting

If you encounter an issue within Directus, no matter how small, we would love to hear about it. Proper bug reporting helps our team improve platform stability. Report a bug on GitHub (opens new window)

# Brand Advocacy

You can create perfect software, but if no one knows about it, it's all for naught. Marketing and advertising are expensive, but you can help us avoid these costs with the following quick options: