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Backing Directus

Directus is both premium and free — two things that don't often go together. It takes significant resources to maintain the platform. If you'd like to help keep development active, please consider supporting Directus through one of the methods below.

Brand Advocacy

You can create perfect software, but if no one knows about it, it's all for naught. Marketing and advertising are expensive. You can help us cut these costs with the following quick options.

GitHub Stars
As an open-source project, stars are a primary metric by which we measure our success. It only takes a few seconds to head to the Directus GitHub Repo and click the star. With enough activity in a short period of time, we get even more exposure on GitHub's trending page!

Social Posts
Engage with us on social media. Follow us! A quick post mentioning @directus goes a long way! Plus, we re-tweet the team's favorite shout-outs to our 45K+ followers.

One sentence. Even that was a sentence and it was only two words! If you're a fan of Directus, we'd love to hear why with a short endorsement... More importantly, potential new users need to hear your testimonial to see if the product is right for them! Shoot us an email, Tweet, or Discord message with your name, title, and company.

The following popular rating platforms allow you to post your rating and testimonial publicly, which automatically gives it more exposure.

Community Engagement

While the Directus Core Team spearheads development, community engagement is an essential part of the Directus mission. We need your help in order to make Directus all it can be.

GitHub Sponsors
The core team is funded. All monthly donations via GitHub Sponsors form a budget to compensate the top community contributors. Donate to sponsor more community developers

Code Pull Requests
Squashing bugs, optimizing the codebase, increasing test coverage, and adding new features, are all extremely valuable. Obviously, you're making the platform better for yourself as well. That's a double whammy! Go make your PR on GitHub!

Not quite a software engineer yet? We have plenty of documentation that can always use some extra attention. Learn more in our Contributors Guide.

Bug Reporting
If you find an issue in Directus, no matter how small, we'd love to hear about it. Proper bug reporting helps our team improve platform stability. Report a bug on GitHub

App Translations
Every button, element, or other line of text in the app is fully translatable. These translations make our app an international platform. Our Crowdin integration makes polishing existing translations or creating new ones a breeze.

Financial Support

Talented full-time and part-time staff, infrastructure, and third-party services are just some of our organization's many expenses. Here are a few support avenues that help us keep the lights on.

Premium Support
Software engineering is hard! Let our Core Team help you better manage your Directus project with a dedicated Premium Support agreement so your devs can focus on your app's core business logic. Contact the Team for more info.

Sponsored Work
Commissioned Features and Expedited Fixes are great ways to financially support the development of Directus and improve the codebase for the community and for your project!

Directus Cloud
Cloud architecture, software updates, and configuration optimizations require fully dedicated effort. Cut through all that digital red-tape and run your projects on Directus Cloud. You get production-ready projects with zero vendor lock-in, 90 second average build times, incredibly fair pricing, scaling at the click of a button as well as automatic updates with no downtime.

We do everything we can to make hosting on Directus Cloud a no-brainer.

Ready to try out Cloud?

Test out Directus Cloud now with the Quickstart Guide.

Enterprise Cloud

Need total customization, unlimited scalability, and dedicated support? Contact us