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Custom Migrations

Directus allows adding custom migration files that run whenever the directus database migrate:* commands are executed. All migrations must reside in the extensions/migrations folder.

File Name

The file name follows the following structure:


for example:



For backwards compatibility it is possible to rename your existing CommonJS migrations to <migration-name>.cjs. However using ESM where possible is recommended.


Migrations have to export an up and a down function. These functions get a Knex instance that can be used to do virtually whatever.

export async function up(knex) {
	await knex.schema.createTable('test', (table) => {

export async function down(knex) {
	await knex.schema.dropTable('test');


Seeing that these migrations are a bit of a free-for-all, you can really harm your database. Please make sure you know what you're doing and backup your database before adding these migrations.

Migrations and Directus schema

Migrations can be used to manage the contents of Directus collections (e.g. initial hydration). In order to do it, you must ensure that the schema is up to date before running your migrations.

directus database migrate:latest runs the required Directus internal migrations and the migrations from migrations directory. In general, you need the following flow:

# Option 1
npx directus bootstrap
npx directus schema apply ./path/to/snapshot.yaml

# Option 2 - without bootstrap, you must ensure that you run all required `bootstrap` tasks
npx directus database install
npx directus database migrate:latest
npx directus schema apply ./path/to/snapshot.yaml

Take notice here - to comply with this flow, migrations directory must not contain tasks that modify the contents of your Directus, because schema is not yet created when you run migrate:latest.