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GitHub CI

This guide explains how to publish a forked version of Directus on NPM, Dockerhub and GHCR. You need to first create a fork

Using a fork in production is neither supported nor recommended.

Only do so if:

  1. The feature you want to implement doesn't satisfy the 80/20 principle
  2. There is a technical limitation preventing you from implementing it as an extension

Forks are not officially supported - please don't submit fork-specific bugs and questions on the official repo.

If you suspect a bug to not be part of your changes please confirm this by reproducing it with the official version before submitting an issue.

Minimum Requirements

If you want to publish your fork to or NPM you need to have an account there.

Note: to publish to NPM you probably have to change all the package names. Publishing to NPM should almost never be necessary.

1. Setup environment variables/secrets


GHCR_IMAGEImage name for GitHub Container Registry. Be sure to use the full
DOCKERHUB_IMAGEImage name for, no prefix.directus/directus
NPM_TOKENYour NPM token. Make sure to use the type "automation".12345678-...
DOCKERHUB_USERNAMEDockerhub Usernamedirectus
DOCKERHUB_PASSWORDDockerhub Passwordhunter2

2. Create a release

npm run release