# Activity Log

This module provides a collective timeline of all actions taken within the project. These detailed records allow for auditing user activity and enforcing accountability.

The Activity Log is the only module that is not found in the module bar. Instead, it is accessed via the notifications tray of the Sidebar. This page has the same features and configuration as Collection Page. It's also worth noting that the activity of a specific item is available via the Revisions sidebar of its individual Item Page.

For proper accountability, activity items are readonly by design, though administrators may have access to make certain updates. The following information is stored for each event's activity item:

  • User — The platform user that performed the action
  • Action — The specific action taken, eg: Create, Update, Delete, Authenticate
  • TimeStamp — The timestamp of when the action was performed
  • IP Address — The IP address of the device from which the action was performed
  • User Agent — The description of the browser that was used to perform the action
  • Collection — The Collection affected by the action
  • Item — The item (within the above Collection) affected by the action
  • Comment — When applicable; the comment left by the user

External Changes

The platform can only track the events which actually pass through it. Therefore, changes made to the database directly are not tracked.