# Projects

A Project is a complete instance of Directus. Each project represents a Database, but also encapsulates a config file, asset storage, and any custom extensions.

Projects are the highest level of structure in Directus. While there are many customizable facets to a Project, you can essentially think of them as individual Databases.

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# Environments

This compartmentalized approach means you can also create different Environments (eg: Dev, Staging, Prod) simply by creating additional Project instances. In short, there is no difference between a Project and an Environment.

# Relevant Guides

# Multitenancy

Previous versions of Directus allowed managing multiple databases within a single installation. However this because overly complex in the scoping of routes, API endpoints, and custom code. In Directus 9+, to create multitenancy you have several options:

  • Project Scoping — Creating a super-admin layer that provisions new tenant projects has been made easier by the Cloud-native model of Directus 9+. This method involves developing custom code that can dynamically spin up/down projects, but is also the most flexible, supporting scoped extensions and differentiated project settings.
  • Role Scoping — In this method, you create one Role per tenant, and configure their permissions to properly scope them within a single project. This direction allows for tenants to share a single schema using item scoped permissions, or different schemas by using collection scoped permissions.