# Modules

Modules are the highest and broadest level of organization within the App. There are several modules included out-of-the-box, however you can also add your own.

The Module Bar lists all available Modules and allows you to switch between them. Each module also controls its own Navigation Bar, so they can provide tailored access to their sub-pages. All core functionality within the App can be bucketed into one of the following core modules:

  • Collections — The primary way to view and interact with database content
  • User Directory — A dedicated section for the platform's system Users
  • File Library — An aggregate of all files uploaded and managed within the platform
  • Documentation — A tailored, in-app portal for the platform's concepts, guides, and reference
  • Settings — An Admin-Only section for configuring the project and system settings

# Custom Module Extensions

In addition to these core modules, custom modules offer a blank canvas for creating altogether new/different experiences within the App, such as proprietary dashboards, compound datasets, or third-party integrations (eg: a Stripe Payments Console).

# Relevant Guides