# Displays

Displays are the smaller, read-only counterpart to Interfaces, defining how a field's data will be displayed inline throughout the App.

For example, you may have a "Status" field that uses a Dropdown Interface on the Item Detail page, and a smaller Badge Display when the field is referenced throughout the rest of the App. Directus includes many Displays out-of-the-box, below are the some key examples:

  • Raw — The exact value, straight from the API
  • Formatted Value — Provides options for string formatting
  • Boolean — Customizable True/False icons
  • Color — A color swatch preview
  • DateTime — Formatted or relative datetimes
  • Image — Thumbnail previews
  • Labels — Small, custom colored badges
  • Rating — Customizable stars
  • Related Values — Displays relational display titles
  • User — Avatar and name of a system user

In addition to the included core displays, custom displays allow for creating new and/or proprietary ways to view or represent field data. For example, you could create progress indicators, tooltips for relational data, specific formatting styles, or anything else.

# Relevant Guides