# Activity

Directus stores detailed records of all data changes made via the App and API. This gives a comprehensive accountability log of who did what, and when. This also powers the Directus versioning system, which allows storing alternate versions/revisions of items.

The Activity Log tracks all events that have occurred within the project. Activity can be accessed in two ways, via the main Activity Module, or within the sidebar of individual Item Detail pages. The following information is stored for each event's activity item:

# Activity Fields

  • User — The Directus user that performed the action
  • Action — The specific action taken, eg: Create, Update, Delete, Authenticate
  • TimeStamp — The timestamp of when the action was performed
  • IP Address — The IP address of the device from which the action was performed
  • User Agent — The description of the browser that was used to perform the action
  • Collection — The Collection affected by the action
  • Item — The item (within the above Collection) affected by the action
  • Comment — When applicable; the comment left by the user


For proper accountability, activity records are readonly. Administrators should avoid changing, deleting, or truncating this data.

External Events

Directus can only track events that pass through the platform's middleware. Changes made directly to the database, or by other external means, are not included.