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The Settings Module is where your entire Project is configured, making it the first place to go after installation. To maintain project safety and integrity, this module is only available to Administrators.

Administrators Only

Only Administrators have access to the Settings Module.

Settings are split into five distinct sections, each described below.

Aside from the above pages, there are three shorthand links:

  • Report Bug
    A direct link to report a bug in the platform. When using this button, helpful debugging information about your project is automatically included, such as: version number, operating system, and environment type.

  • Request Feature
    A direct link to submit a new feature request on GitHub. Feature requests are a great way to let our team know what should be prioritized next. Learn more about making feature requests in the Contributing > Introduction.

  • Platform Version
    Displays the exact version of your platform. Click this button to go to the GitHub releases page, which includes the full change logs.