Using page along with limit can set the maximum number of items that will be returned grouped by pages.


To see metadata, you need to precise the meta query param. Exemple : ?limit=10&page=3&meta=*


# Returns a miximum of 10 items skipping the first 2 pages

# Here is an example of the response with pagination active
    "meta": {
        "collection": "movies",
        "type": "collection",
        "result_count": 10,
        "total_count": 3040,
        "filter_count": 63,
        "limit": 10,
        "offset": 20,
        "page": 3,
        "page_count": 7,
        "links": {
            "self": "",
            "current": "*&filter[keywords][contains]=account&page=2&limit=10",
            "first": "*&filter[keywords][contains]=account&page=1&limit=10&offset=10",
            "last": "*&filter[keywords][contains]=account&page=7&limit=10&offset=60",
            "next": "*&filter[keywords][contains]=account&page=4&limit=10&offset=30",
            "previous": "*&filter[keywords][contains]=account&page=2&limit=10&offset=10"
    "data": [...]


If sending the offset parameter along with the page and limit parameters, the page parameter will be ignored, and the offset parameter will be used.