System Database Overview

This document provides an explanation of all tables and fields within the Directus schema boilerplate.

System Table Overview

Name Description
directus_activity Log of all actions (eg: item updates) performed through the API (or App)
directus_activity_read Tracks if a user has seen an Activity/Message item
directus_collection_presets User's collection preferences and bookmarks for Item Listing page
directus_collections Information for database tables (collections) managed by Directus
directus_fields Information for database columns (fields) and their interfaces
directus_files Metadata for all files and embeds added to Directus
directus_folders Nestable virtual directories used to organize Directus files
directus_migrations Database schema changes for upgrades/downgrades created by Phinx
directus_permissions Defines specific API access rules for a specific Role
directus_relations Keys and junctions for field-level relationships between collections
directus_revisions The delta and full data snapshot for all item Activity (eg: updates)
directus_roles Listing of user roles that group together sets of permissions
directus_settings Ad-hoc key-value-pairs for storing Global and Extension settings
directus_user_roles Junction table allowing users to possess multiple roles
directus_users Directory of all App and API Users

System Field Overview


Field Notes
id Primary Key
action What performed (authentication, create, update, delete, comment, etc)
user Who performed (Foreign Key: directus_users)
datetime When performed
ip IP of who performed
user_agent User Agent of who performed
collection Collection affected
item Item affected
comment Explanation left by who performed
datetime_edited Comment last edited datetime
deleted_comment Whether the comment was deleted or not


Field Notes
id Primary Key
activity Referenced activity (Foreign Key: directus_activity)
user User who saw (Foreign Key: directus_users)
seen If the user has seen this item


Field Notes
id Primary Key
title Title of bookmark, NULL values define default preset
user Assigned user, NULL for global (Foreign Key: directus_users)
role Assigned role, NULL for global (Foreign Key: directus_roles)
collection Which collection this is for
search_query Search query string to filter on
filters JSON of filter options to apply
view_type Listing view type (eg: tabular)
view_query JSON of all query parameters (eg: sorting)
view_options JSON of view options used
translation JSON field of optional user translations for additional names of the field


Field Notes
collection Primary Key. Name of collection to manage, must match database table
managed If the table is managed by Directus. Otherwise it is ignored.
item_name_template A Mustache template that defines how items are labeled
preview_url URL using Twig templating for previewing items in this collection
hidden If this collection is globally hidden
single If this collection will only ever have one item
translation JSON of translations
note A description of this collection
icon Material Design icon name for the collection


Field Notes
id Primary Key
collection Name of parent Collection (Foreign Key: directus_collections)
field Name of field, typically a database column name
type Directus datatype, an extended set of SQL datatypes
interface Interface id
options JSON of interface option values
locked If this field is locked from editing, typically system fields
translation JSON of translations
validation A PCRE RegEx pattern to validate the input against. Must include delimiters
readonly If the field is globally read-only
required If the field is required
hidden_input If the field is hidden globally on the Item Detail page
hidden_list If the field is hidden globally on the Item Listing page
sort Used to order the fields on the item detail page
view_width Width of field, makes masonry layouts possible (1, 2, 3, or 4)
note A helpful note for users
group Used for grouping fields (Foreign Key: directus_fields)

Read more about the validation PCRE patterns and delimiters.


Field Notes
id Primary Key
filename The asset's filesystem name
title A label for the asset
description A description of the asset
location Where the image was taken
tags Keywords to assist in searching
width The width in pixels (images only)
height The height in pixels (images only)
filesize The size of the file in bytes
duration Length in seconds (videos and embeds only)
metadata JSON of additional metadata
type MIME type of the file
embed Remote ID for external assets
folder Name of parent Folder (Foreign Key: directus_folders)
upload_user User who uploaded the file
upload_date When the file was uploaded
storage_adapter Which storage adapter was used to store the file


Field Notes
id Primary Key
name Name of the folder
parent_folder Name of parent Folder (Foreign Key: directus_folders)


Phinx migrations table, record all migrations executed.

Field Notes
version Migration version
migration_name Migration name
start_time Migration start datetime
end_time Migration end datetime
breakpoint ???


Field Notes
id Primary Key
collection Collection these permissions apply to (Foreign Key: directus_collections)
role Role these permissions apply to (Foreign Key: directus_roles)
status Status these permissions apply to (from Collection's Status-Mapping)
*allowed_statuses Which Status-Mapping options can be chosen
create Create Item access
read Read/View Item access
update Update/Edit Item access
delete Hard-Delete Item access
comment Ability to comment on items
explain Ability to force a comment on when updating items
read_field_blacklist CSV of field names that can't be Read/Viewed
write_field_blacklist CSV of field names that can't be Created/Updated/Edited


Field Notes
id Primary Key
collection_a Collection name (A) for relationship
field_a Field name (A) for relationship
junction_key_a Field name (A) for the junction table (M2M and M2MM only)
junction_collection Collection name for the junction table (M2M and M2MM only)
junction_mixed_collections CSV of collection names allowed in relationship (M2MM only)
junction_key_b Field name (B) for the junction table (M2M and M2MM only)
collection_b Collection name (B) for relationship
field_b Field name (B) for relationship


Field Notes
id Primary Key
activity Parent activity ID (Foreign Key: directus_activity)
collection Name of Collection where item was updated (Foreign Key: directus_collections)
item ID of Item that was updated (Foreign Key: directus_revisions.collection)
data JSON of this entire item after update
delta JSON of changes made to this item after update
parent_item ID of parent Item (relational edits only)
parent_collection ID of parent Collection (relational edits only)
parent_changed ???


Field Notes
id Primary Key
external_id SCIM External ID
name Name of this role
description Description of this role
ip_whitelist CSV of IPs allowed to connect to the API/App
nav_blacklist CSV of navigation items IDs to hide


Field Notes
id Primary Key
scope The scope of the setting (global, an extension id, etc)
key The key (name) of the settings option. Must be unique within scope
value The value of the settings option


Field Notes
id Primary Key
user User's ID (Foreign Key: directus_users)
role Role's ID (Foreign Key: directus_roles)


Field Notes
id Primary Key
status Status of the user (active, draft, suspended, deleted)
first_name First name (given) of the user
last_name Last name (surname) of the user
email Email of the user. Must be unique within users
email_notifications If the user should receive email updates from this instance
password Hashed password of user
avatar ID of file/image used as user's avatar (Foreign Key: directus_files)
company Company the user works for
title Title/Position of user
locale Locale of user for multilingual support in App
theme JSON of CSS colors to use (eg: dark-mode or high-contrast-mode
locale_options Provides additional support for languages, etc
timezone Timezone of the user
last_access Datetime of user's last access. Used to check if online
last_page Last page user accessed. Used to return user to same page during next session
last_ip Last IP user used to access
last_login Datetime of user's last login
token Static API token for connecting to the API with this user's permissions
external_id SCIM External ID
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